A locomotive of pain and pleasure splashed in the silence found in a suicidal mixed cocktail of chaos and debauchery! Listen responsibly.





When did you first have the idea for khhryst?
In 1995, but it never formed as a complete idea until 2001-2002


How did you come up with using that name and does the spelling of it mean anything?
I came up with the name really as a way to depict myself as an iconic structure, the spelling does have symbolism in it, infinitesimals, a complete circle of the beginning and the end.



Does Khhryst the project/persona have a personal meaning to you? What do you want people to get from your music?
It does have a meaning, a meaning of freedom without constraint. From my music I want them to take what they will from it, inspiration, motivation, creation, silence, structure, really whatever they can. Its music it motivates.



What are the plans and goals for Khhryst in 2015?
2015, should be a new level for this project, and we will be releasing our first album and scheduling tour dates.



As far as live performances what can we expect to experience at a show? Will it be more then performing live music?
As a show Khhryst is an experience you will just have to witness yourself, keep your crucifix nearby, it will be a mortar bomb of music and visuals. I really want the show to be organic and synthetic.
You may need to go to my site khhryst.com and confess.



How big of a band(# of members) is khhryst in a live situation?
3 players, Staggs on guitar, Morton on bass, and I am the Vocalist. We run our drums and samples through a back track. No milli vanilli shit.



Do you collaborate with other musicians in the recording process or is it strictly a solo role that you play?
I do and I have collaborated with other musicians, as I have collaborated with Rachell Rellik and Sean Michael Collins of Demas, and currently collaborating with Seven of Seven Faktor. I am always looking for more talent to work with.



Do you have future plans for this band? Where can you see Khhryst in five years time?
In 5 years khhryst we will see what the future brings you to your t.v., or rather your computer. Considereing the way things are going currently.



Do you think your music is controversial ? How does it affect you that other people may see your music offensive?
I think anyone can find controversy in anything. It would be unfortunate that they see my music offensive, but i don’t mind because at least they are thinking.



Will you bring Khhryst in to the world of video and film? How far can you take this project into the world of media?
Yes Khhryst will definitely be going into video and film. Music videos, and music in film as well as video games. As far as the media, it’s as far as they want to take it.



How true are your lyrics, as far as, do you live by them? Do you truly feel the things that you write about in your music?
There is a difference between entertainment and a lifestyle, though music is emotion.


Is Khhryst a man, image or a band ? What is the mystery behind Khhryst?
Ideally Khhryst as far as being a man, an image or a band, Khhryst is an image made by men. If I unveiled a magic trick to you it would lose its ultimate magical potential.


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